Lombok - Flores - Sumbawa - Bali - Singapore

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In 1999 maakten we een trip langs de Sunda eilanden. Van Lombok naar flores en dan via Sumbawa retour naar Bali. Op de terugweg nog een paar dagen Singapore. Prachtige eilanden. Vooral Flores is heel bijzonder. 

Hieronder een overzicht van de plaatsen die we hebben aangedaan met onze ervaringen van toendertijd, het komt nog van de oude site en is dan ook nog in het Engels...


26/04/99 - 27/04/99   Ex.rate US$ 1 = 7800 Rp
Flight Amsterdam - Singapore by Singapore airlines Flight Singapore - Mattaram by SilkAir  
27/04/99 - 28/04/99 Tetebatu (Lombok)    
Soedjono bungalows
Nice place to stay with beautiful views over the ricefields in a nice cool mountain area
35000 - 75000 Rp
At Soedjono
Quite good food at the Soedjono restaurant
Great relaxing at the swimming pool (needed a cleanup though!)
The area is great for walking through the ricepaddies, hire yourself a local and enjoy the spectacular views of the slopes up the Mt Rinjani
Jeruk Manis waterfall is a beautiful trip, a lot of black monkeys on the way and a refreshing cold shower and swimming under the waterfall.
29/04/99 - 30/04/99. Kuta (Lombok)    
Anda Bungalows
Ok place, easy going. Bathroom got smashed by a coconut.
25000 Rp.
Next to the beach with several other places.At the road to Tanjung Aan.
Anda has got a large restaurant with a great menu. Good food.
Not much to snorkel around here.
But the Tangjung Aan beach is a must do, a perfect bay with white sand.
01/05/99 - 01/05/99. Kuta - Kuta (Bali)    
Mustika inn
Ok hideout in the expensive South Kuta area
60000 Rp
At a small quiet street close to the airport & beach
Supposed to fly directly from Mattaram to Maumere but because of cancellations stranded at Kuta Bali........ Merpati
And Kuta..., well its not our choice.
02/05/99 - 03/05/99 Wodong (Flores)    
Flores Froggies
Great place with some older bungalows used to be run by french people, the famous bread is still available.
Nice and cool because of the trees that are up to the beach.
14500 Rp.
At the Frogs, when we visited only a small menu available because of the few visitors, Fresh fish daily though.
A small reef in front for snorkeling as well.
Nice walking in the area, dated info available at the Froggies.
04/05/99 - 05/05/99 Moni (Flores)   Keli Mutu
Homestay John
25000 Rp.
Only 4 rooms
At John's jou must try his vegetarian meal. Absolutely the best there is to get in all of Asia. And it is a LOT.
The owner John is a great guy, nice stories.
Moni is cool because of its altitude and has great walking in the area
The main reason to go to Moni is without a doubt, KELIMUTU and its colored vulcano lakes. Really a special experience.
Get up at 03:30 and catch the truck to almost the top, walk for half an hour and witness an spectacular sunrise and see the lakes get their colours as the sunlight hits them.
The walk down is easy, ± 2.5 Hrs through beautiful scenery.
05/05/99 Ende (Flores)    
Dwi Putri
25000 Rp. Incl. breakfast.
Large place, nothing special but OK, ground floor also houses Bank Rakyat In.
Great warung across the soccer field. (forgot name)
Pleasant city in-between the vulcanos, nice evening walk in and around the little harbour.
06/05/99 - 07/05/99 Bajawa (Flores)    
Elizabeth Hotel
35000 rp. Incl. breakfast.
Very clean and large rooms.
Great food at rumah makan Wisata and Carmellya restaurant, though the last one gets (noisy) tour groups at lunchtime.
Monstrous grasshoppers around the hotel !
Wogo: easy to reach by bemo rather traditional Ngada village
To visit the remote villages of Bena, Jerebu, Nage and learn a lot about the traditions we can recommend to let a local called Lucas be your guide. He is a nice guy who speaks English very well and knows a LOT about the area. You'll have traditional local lunch at his house at Langa.
Also highly recommended are the Air Panas at Soa. These hot springs waterfalls are great for relaxing and swimming.
08/05/99 Ruteng (Flores)    
Rima hotel
New place at the main road, two store building, nice looking.
35000 Rp.
The Dunia Baru for great Chinese food and some Stallone and Van Damme to fall asleep.
In the evening there are a lot of nice people to met at the soccerfield.
09/05/99 - 11/05/99 Labuhan Bajo (Flores)    
Gardena Bungalows
20000 Rp.
Great bungalows overlooking the LB bay. Got the best showers in Flores.
Gardena has a pleasant garden restaurant and offers delicious sea food.
Also good food at Borobodur restaurant.
Day trip to Rinca Island to see Komodo dragons. 2.5 Hrs by boat. One hour walk at the PHPA office. Bring sunshield and insect repellent. On the way back snorkeling at one of the islands
Charter a boat to make a island snorkeling tour, beautiful reefs at the small islands of Sabolo and Bidadari.
12/05/99 Labuhan Bajo - Sape - Bima (Sumbawa)    
Parewa hotel
35000 rp.
Luxery hotel
At the Parewa, nothing special...
Ferry leaves at 8:15
12000 Rp.
Arrival Sape 17:40
Three full size Indo Kung Fu movies.
Dolphins when leaving Komodo Island.
13/05/99 Bima - Ubud (Bali)    
Stay: Eat: Other:
Flight Bima - Denpasar by Merpati
478.800 Rp.
14/05/99 - 15/05/99 Ubud (Bali)    
Frog Pond Inn
Quiet spot in booming Ubud Large bungalows.
Loads of daytrips to make from here.
We went on the Kintamani/Besakih tour 40000 Rp. good value.
Recommended: the Holy spring temple at Tampaksiring
Also recommended to rent a bike and explore the countryside.
16/05/99 - 17/05/99 Lovina (Bali)    
45000 rp.
Luxury bungalows with very nice pool.
Lendi Warung
Excellent !
Dolphin watching tours,
Snorkeling, not so special reefs..
18/05/99 - 20/04/99 Singapore    
Haising hotel
50 S$
Across Sim Lim Tower
Near Bugis MRT
At the hawker centers plenty of choice, great food, low prices.
The airport offers shuttlebus service: 7 S$ to anywhere in Singapore.
For software: Sim Lim Square or Sim Lim Tower (avg price 6 S$ for ANY title on CD)
For great views: the restaurant on top of the WestInn Stamford (70 Fl.) happy hour from 17:00-19:30
If you're in to birds: The Jurong Bird Park, a lot of Asia's birds in a beautiful park.